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Nancy Albright
Nancy Albright earned her degree  in 1995. Ms. Albright soon joined the DOS office, where she worked for four successful years. Ms. Albright believed that in starting her own firm, she could be more effective in helping people deal with a variety of professional issues. In 2000, Ms. Albright  co-founded EMBASSY UNIT. Since then, Ms. Albright has been retained by numerous high-profile clients throughout the nation. EMBASSY UNIT has allowed Ms. Albright to fully realize her passion for helping people at all levels, including their personal, professional, and litigation protection methods.

Ms. Albright is active in a number of professional organizations including the United States Chamber of Commerce and the United States Society of Certified Professionals. Nancy treats every client with respect and integrity.

Greg Manson
Greg Manson is a renowned expert in contract and transactional issues. Mr. Manson is recognized as an aggressive and effective professional. Each client's case is treated with exceptional care and attention.
Mr. Manson received his degree in 1992. After successfully graduating with honors, Mr. Manson joined a national organization which provided his early experience and a wealth of contractual experience. Mr. Manson has authored several conferences on the subject of contracts and transactional issues.

Hugh Garner
Hugh Garner heads the national Embassy Investigations team for Embassy Unit. Mr. Garner's team comprises of former Central Intelligence Agency and FBI agents, as well as a host of licensed private investigators and other professionals nationwide. After successfully graduating with honors for his Master's Degree, Mr. Garner provided his early experience and a wealth of undercover experience to our firm.

William Reagan
William Reagan joined EMBASSY UNIT as an associate partner in 2004. Mr. Reagan specializes in criminal and personal background investigations. Mr. Reagan earned his degree in 1996. Before joining EMBASSY UNIT, Mr. Reagan worked as an associate partner at AT&J Worldwide. He specialized in personal and professional asset and identity protection.